Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From a distance.

As a kid I loved to get the mail each day. Avi and I would call dips on who got to race down to the end of the drive way and retrieve the daily mail.  Then I grew-up and have moved into my own apartment.  I still love getting the mail. I always hope there is something exciting in my mail box waiting for me.  Of course, in true grown-up fashion it's usually a bill, but sometimes I get a magazine or a card.  But, let's keep it real, it's usually a bill. 
So when I received a postcard from Tina I was super excited! It may have arrived amidst bills and other boring mail, but this postcard all the way from Sweden made my day! It's not everyday a fun postcard arrives let alone one from such a long way away. Sometimes it's the little somethings in life! 

8 thoughts on the matter:

Barb said... {Reply}

Getting a postcard from a friend in Sweden is definitely one of the great 'little things in life'. Very fun!

Ashley Sisk said... {Reply}

I love getting mail too - postcards are the best!

Pieces of Sunshine said... {Reply}

Definitely "far away" and very exciting! Much nicer than a bill!

Grandma J said... {Reply}

I love surprises and personal mail when you least expect it. FUN!

Jaymi said... {Reply}

ooh fun, I haven't gotten a postcard in forever! Looks like an amazing place too!

Jim said... {Reply}

I'm with you on this one.....I still love getting mail! Always have.

{ T G L } said... {Reply}

I love, love, LOVE getting 'real' mail and love writing letters too! :)

I wrote a blog post about the lost art of letter writing (if you're interested, you can find it under the { S P I R I T } tab. It's called 'The Power of the Handwritten Word'.

I've spent some time in Sweden - it's a magnificent country!

This Good Life

tinajo said... {Reply}

How fun to see it in your hands! I must have missed this since I was at my in law´s, but it felt even nicer now! :-)