Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Living the gf life lately...

I haven't shared some of my favorite gluten-free foods lately, and friends were recently asking me how I live the gluten-free life!

So, as any Jewish person, a love for falafel is in my blood. I may love to cook and bake, but my desire to make falafel from scratch is non-existent! BUT! One of my favorite companies, Orgran (we've been ordering their products all the way from Australia since I was 13!) makes a GF falafel mix!
I usually add a little cumin to the mix for an extra kick, then fry it up or bake them in the oven! Perfect dinner and lunch. I like to dip mine in chumus and ketchup (it's a Jewish thing people...almost everything goes into ketchup).

A friend was talking about their obsession with waffles and I chimed in with my favorite waffle. Which of course got me weird looks and the comment "but, waffles are good how can they be made gluten free?" Well, folks, it's 2011 and gluten free is in, if you haven't noticed. My personal favorites are by Nature's Path. I like the berry flavor and they smell so good!
Also, when my sweet tooth kicks in I love to pop back the Orgran (a theme, right) Outback Animals. They are so cute and one or two hits the spot! Put a little peanut butter on them, and mm! I really like the vanilla ones and the chocolate chip ones!

See, 2011 is a great time to be gluten free! The orgran company is a personal favorite since they were the first company we found to order things from! We used to make their rice bread mix and I also love their cooking flour and pastas, and flat crisps (so good with tuna fish!), and I just also got the rice crumbs and have used them to pan fry fish!

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