Thursday, January 12, 2012

That's nonsense!

This week we have been learning all about the Civil Rights movement and who Rosa Parks was and how she took a stance and made a difference.

It was so amazing to watch my class react to what we were teaching them.  It can be hard to grasp, at age 6, that a long time ago (to them) people were treated so differently because they had different color skin. But, 1L blew me away! I quickly jotted down some of their quotes and I cannot stop thinking about how great my class is!

"That's nonsense!"
 "But, but, that's just not fair at all, to anybody!"
 "It's different than our line spots, it's just mean and because you are different"
 "But, we're all the same inside, so why does it matter."
They each made a bus and again had amazing responses to what they would do if they had been in Rosa Parks position. I learned a lot from these lessons.

I learned that even 57 years later, children can really learn and understand the significance of the events that transpired in Alabama.

I learned that 6 year olds can truly "get" that segregation was wrong and that it's important to stand up for what you believe.

And I learned that these children, our future, have some really great ideas and great heads on their shoulders!

9 thoughts on the matter:

Andrea Dawn said... {Reply}

Love this post, Tamar . . . what a great bunch of kids!

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

Interesting to see their views. We discuss this quite a bit in our house & in our classroom. I have always taught my kids that while things are not right sometimes in life- I avoid using the word "fair" in our vocabulary. I don't think my kids have every used that phrase "that's not fair" because they know that working for what you want is expected. Nothing is ever going to be exactly equal for anyone- no matter the circumstances- however they know that everyone should have the same opportunities & what they do with those opportunities determines the outcome. They know that these times in our history were wrong & that brave people stood up to make things right & to give the same opportunities to all. Important lesson for them to learn.

Kathy said... {Reply}

Out of the mouths of babes.

Dorian Susan said... {Reply}

I miss seeing these pure thoughts and sweetly colored buses.
Glad your lesson went so well. 6 yr olds were my favorite age to teach. Glad you're having fun and being awed in the same breath.

Cedar said... {Reply}

I think we can do well by listening to children. They see things so clearly. Very mice project.

deb duty said... {Reply}

These are so great! You teach some really smart kids!

Elle Sees said... {Reply}

from the mouth of babes! i'm always amused.

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Oh, bless them! I love that you shared these.

Children are smart. They "get" it. They just need someone to gently guide them... and that's what parents and teachers are for. :)

Anonymous said... {Reply}

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