Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waiting on my train...

I arrived at the train station a bit early on Sunday. The weather was glorious so I decided to wait down on the tracks. I was just taking it all in and decided to snap some pics of the platform and station.
There is so much concrete. I am not typically a huge concrete fan, but there is something interesting about all the concrete and metal mixed together here. 
Most stations that I wind up waiting at are, um, unattractive, but Stamford is actually kind of nice. The mix of lines and shadows, it's very eye catching.  
There are so many different lines, so many different textures. So much depth. At a train station. A main hub for the metro-area.
 Most people probably don't even notice this. They dash in to catch a train to work or another engagement. The station, to many, is just a means to an end.
To me, it is that, but I am glad I was able to see a different side of the station. An artsy side. An elegant side.
 It's not everyday I find myself waiting on a train platform with my camera in hand. But, Sunday, was a chance to see this station that I am pretty familiar with in a whole new light.
It really is amazing what I can see through my camera lens. A whole new view of the world I have already been viewing.

12 thoughts on the matter:

deb duty said... {Reply}

This was a really fun post, Tamar! I felt like I was waiting at the station with you! There are so many interesting things to photograph there. My favorite is the look down the track with the wide yellow line from a low perspective.

Secret Mom Thoughts said... {Reply}

You captured the beauty in the station.

Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

I completely agree with you Tamar - this was fun, waiting with you at the train station. I love, love the one looking down the tracks . . . !!

Unknown said... {Reply}

I love shooting trains and tracks. As you've shown, such amazing patterns and perspective. Great set.

Susan said... {Reply}

Very pretty, I love it when thought to aesthetics is put into the design of buildings and transportation as well. I think it helps even on a subliminal level. Glad you had time to enjoy the view and share the shots with us.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Cool post. :)

Stasha said... {Reply}

My favorite are the few extra minutes when you have the time to look around and snap. You did great, I feel like I was right there with you!

Chelsea said... {Reply}

I also love to take photos at one of our subway stations. Not many of them are attractive (because they're underground), but we have a couple above ground that are really beautiful. Great job!

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

Loving all the things you captured- those tracks always get me!

Nancy C said... {Reply}

I find I enjoy seeing these types of captures from my blog friends more and more -- to see how they live, work, play. I enjoyed this set very much, Tamar.

Sian said... {Reply}

This is very cool. I often think I see things other people miss. I think we are similar in that way x

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

At first, I'd thought, "Hey, her train station looks so different from the ones here." But then I looked again and it's actually very similar. The only thing different is that there aren't loads of people everywhere, like there are here. :)