Monday, April 9, 2012

14 weeks around the sun!

What a busy week! Between teaching solo two days and having my last Wheelock observation I was also knee deep finishing my Passover cleaning. I headed home on Thursday to spend the beginning of Pesach with my mom and family.  We had two marvelous Seders and mom and I even managed to fit in some fun: getting some shopping in and a trip to the NY Botanical Garden's orchid show!
Chic Homeschool Mama
I'm sharing the rest of my orchid pics tomorrow, come on back then!

11 thoughts on the matter:

Lori @ Photograph Life said... {Reply}

Love the art! Always love to see your photos.

Have a great week!

tinajo said... {Reply}

I love that colorful art - looks great! Nice pics all of them! :-)

Nicky @ Awesomeville said... {Reply}

Love the photos, especially the art and flowers! Lovely!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Oh, I love that shade of purple in the orchid!

Jen T said... {Reply}

Love your photos and how you post them. Beautiful purple orchid!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said... {Reply}

Another great week- loving the color on those flowers.

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

Happy Passover to you! Sounds like a lovely week. I like the giraffe! That's cool!

MG Atwood said... {Reply}

Happy Passover. Lovely flowers. Looks like you got a stellar evaluation! Yippee!!

Mary Dapelo said... {Reply}

I love the art as well. It is so pretty!

Serline said... {Reply}

That chametz fest looks delicious! Have a great day!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Love these. That flower is gorgeous. Looks like a fun and busy week.