Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fenway Open House

So, for Thursday of my Spring Stay-cation, I had planned on just having a quiet, at home day. I had just planned to do some grocery shopping, get some more work done, putter around the apartment, etc etc. Then I woke up, checked twitter and saw that the Red Sox were hosting an "Open House" - the park was open to the public all day. For free. Yes please! 
 I met up with Emily in the mid-afternoon (along with most of Boston) and we had a nice time wandering about the ball park.
One of the amazing once in a lifetime opportunities was a chance to walk on the warning track. We didn't walk all the way round, since it was insane, but we did go out of the tunnel and stand there for a bit of time!
 Seriously, I died and went to baseball heaven. On the track. Next to the field. Amazing.
 Proof we were there! An aside, I am loving the sun flares in most of these pictures!
We passed up the waiting in line to walk all the way round to the Green Monster, but seriously, just being this close is amazing!
Hello, gorgeous! It's kind of crazy to realize, that although the park was packed, the number of people there didn't hold a candle to the number of people there during a game!
The most famous seats in baseball! This particular section is one of my favorite spots in the park, between home plate and third base.
It was such a fun afternoon! I've taken an official tour of the park before, but being able to walk around on my own, was just the icing on top of a great and relaxing spring break!

12 thoughts on the matter:

tinajo said... {Reply}

I can understand that you were giddy - I'd be too and I know nothing about baseball! :-)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said... {Reply}

These just make me smile!!! Love the perspective on the seating & the field- well done!

Nancy said... {Reply}

I love this idea of letting fans see the park up close... awesome captures. :)

sherri lynn said... {Reply}

What a fun day!!! I think it's great they opened it up to the public to just walk around and check things out! And there are so many people there!

Jim said... {Reply}

I was just over at 180! And it is you! I thought I recognized you and being a sp.ed. teacher was just too coincidental!lol
It's been a while a time for me to catch up!
Fenway Park! I HEAR you Tamar! We have been there a few times and you are right...there is NOTHING like it! That is a ball park!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Looks like so much fun! Great shots.

Anita Johnson said... {Reply}

How fun! A few years ago we did this at Wrigley Field...home of the Cubs...my kids ran the bases, my husband slid into home. It doesn't get much better than this, does it? I hope had peanuts and Cracker jack!

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

How fun! I would love to take my boys to a baseball game sometime. I just love hotdogs and Cokes in the stands. :)

...melody... said... {Reply}

What a wonderful day! :) I'm so glad you saw the tweet and were able to share your pictures here. They are great! I really love the front angle of the seats.

Lisa Advent said... {Reply}

You always make me home sick!!! Oh! How I love Boston!!! I come from a long line of Red Sox fans, I love Fenway park, the Green Monster and everything Boston! I LOVE THIS POST!!!


Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

How awesome! I'm with Tinajo... I'm not into baseball, but boy, I would be all kinds of excited, too, to be able to set foot and be able to freely wander about Fenway Park. :)

Rachel said... {Reply}

Oy - I adore those pictures of the seats! I thought the first one was my favorite, then I was not so sure because I love the second one too! Terrific perspectives!

What a fun event!