Thursday, April 26, 2012

New title, budding entrepreneur

I am taking a chance and am going to start dipping my toes into the entrepreneur world. 

Two summers ago, when I was working at camp, I took tons of pictures of all of our summer fun. I was thinking of a easy and creative way to share all the fun we had with my campers and their families and I created a DVD slideshow, complete with music and some other bells and whistles. 

The parents were pretty impressed, one mother told me to ditch grad school and make a business out of this little hobby. Well, that didn't seem so practical, so I stayed in grad school, but the love and a new hobby emerged. 

For Noam's first birthday I put together hundreds of pictures into an 18 minute movie of his first year, with his favorite songs and the best pics of his year. It was a hit with the family and I thought I might really be onto something. So, to help bolster my income (or lack there of at the moment)  have decided to launch a small business creating slideshows for all sorts of occasions! 
I am nervous and excited to start this newest chapter in my life. I am able to use different templates and layouts (I use imovie) and music, and I can burn your memories onto DVDs for your enjoyment.

Here is a preview of what I can do, this is a shortened version of Noam's video (youtube won't accept all amazing 18 minutes of it).
I am still working on pricing and options, but to start out here is what I am thinking (since this is a start first clients have a chance to negotiate!)

For 50 - 100 pictures - I will start the pricing at 55 dollars (highly competitive!) 
For 100 to 200 pictures - I will be starting the pricing at 95 dollars (very competitive!)
For 200 or more pictures - I will be starting the pricing at 145 dollars (also very competitive!)

The prices above include:
- A high quality DVD of your slideshow, complete with DVD menu (like a movie has!)
- Transitions, panning, and Ken Burns
- Title pages and captions (if desired)

If I need to buy the songs you would like in your video, I will charge the amount it costs to buy them (again, very competitive!) I will also scan in any pictures, for an additional small fee.

There will be a charge for shipping and any additional DVDs you would like. Right now I will ship to the US and Canada, but can upload a video to youtube if you live abroad (or we can talk about shipping options for you!)

So! What does this all mean!? I am open and ready to help make your memories into wonderful movie slideshows! Please, spread the word, if your friend's child has a birthday coming up let them know, if you have a wedding coming up, think about a slideshow for your reception, if you have a bar/bat mitzvah coming up, think about a great addition to your party!!

I am working on a Facebook page, possibly an Etsy page, and maybe a blog (using this one for right now!).  I am open to talking about pricing or hearing feedback since this is all just getting started!

So please, spread the word! And I can't wait to hopefully preserve your memories into wonderful long lasting and professional slideshows!!

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Secret Mom Thoughts said... {Reply}

Good luck on your new business. I think you will do great. The video was really good.

bettyl said... {Reply}

Good for you and good luck! I hope this takes off big time for you!

Nicky @ Awesomeville said... {Reply}

Best of luck to you! I've just shared this blog entry on my twitter feed (@navie42). Please keep me posted when you've got the facebook page so I can pimp it for you!

tiarastantrums said... {Reply}

GOOD FOR YOU! Best of luck on this new endeavor in your life!

Susan said... {Reply}

How exciting!! Should keep you really busy.

Hope your day is blessed♥

ArtMuseDog and Carol said... {Reply}

very creative photography and wishing you the very best in your new adventure ~ Much success ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

Susan said... {Reply}

Good luck busy biz woman! Hope you land a successful idea that will put coin in your pocket.
Don't forget to think about an LLC-tax write off benefits, etc.

Pieni Lintu said... {Reply}

Good luck in this! :)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said... {Reply}

Very very cool!!!!! So exciting!!!! I do think you should do the Etsy page as well to broaden your reach.

deb duty said... {Reply}

This is a great idea! As much as I love taking and editing pics, I hate making slideshows. I think there's a good market out there for this service. Good luck with your venture!

Andrea Dawn said... {Reply}

Aww . . . Noam is sooo cute! Wishing you massive success with this, Tamar.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said... {Reply}

Good for you! Best of luck with your new endeavor!

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

That's great Tamar! I love a good entreprenurial spirit! Best wishes!

Lisa said... {Reply}

Best wishes on your new adventure!

Ellie said... {Reply}

Good luck with your new venture :))

Deb Crecelius said... {Reply}

Best of luck!
Great video; Noam is such a cutie!

Dina Lettre said... {Reply}

Good for you, Tamar! Sure hope it's a huge success!!

Nancy said... {Reply}

I'm so happy for you! Whenever you can turn a passion into a new business venture, it's all good. :)

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

You go, girl!

Wishing you all the best with this. :)

Danelle said... {Reply}

This is a great idea! I've started doing my Christmas card as a slideshow that I post online for everyone or email, and people love it! Hey, there's another idea for you--Christmas cards! :) It's also great for family reunions, doing a slideshow with old family photos. How exciting for you! Good luck. :)

MG Atwood said... {Reply}

Good luck! If you are competitive and offer just a little something extra you'll have them.

Stasha said... {Reply}

Congratulations and good luck! You will do great. If I hear of anyone, will send them your way!

Anita Johnson said... {Reply}

Way to go! Watched part of Noam's (such a cue kid) video on YouTube...very nice! Good luck in your new business!

Sian said... {Reply}

Yay! Great idea girl. I wish you loads of luck, not that you'll need it. x

homeschoolceo said... {Reply}

Congratulations! This sounds like a wonderful idea. Everyone takes tons of photos, but most just sit on hard drives. Good for you for following your passion! ;)

Jim said... {Reply}

Busy busy busy Tamar! Good luck with this.....with your 'good energy' it will be a success!

Rachel said... {Reply}

Congrats! That is terrific that your work is receiving rave reviews! :)