Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 23 around the sun

Another week, another week closer to summer vacation and the official end of grad school! Yikes, stripes! It was a wet and dreary week but we made it brighter with some end of the year fun. Lots of memories being made, that is for sure! I put together a slideshow for our end of the year celebration, hopefully it will drum up business for my new venture! Other than that, just enjoying the last few days of school and soaking up the sun which finally came out! And! I am stoked to have finally hit 100 followers, thanks for following me on this journey called life!
Chic Homeschool Mama

11 thoughts on the matter:

Kathy said... {Reply}

Oh my gosh...that line up of rainboots is tooooo cute! And at what time should I be over to get some of that gazpacho? Yum!

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said... {Reply}

Congrats on your 100 followers (I'm #99) it really is a great accomplishment. I'm really loving that picture of the rain boots with the reflection in the window. But on the other hand the leaves with water drops is pretty stunning! I just love good photography, keep it coming...

Nicky @ Awesomeville said... {Reply}

Wewt for the impending end of grad school! Hope you've got something planned to celebrate!

Roberta Josephine said... {Reply}

Fun photos. Thanks for linking!

Andrea Dawn said... {Reply}

The rain boots are so cute, but that Beauty in the Rain shot is my fave! Congrats on your followers milestone.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said... {Reply}

Fun! Love the rain boots! :-)

Melissa Bliss Rich said... {Reply}

Great shots! Really love those rain boots lined up and that gazpacho looks delicious!

Congrats on finishing up grad school! My hubs will do the same in Dec ;)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said... {Reply}

Great week- you have so much going on. Exciting!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Love your pics as always - especially the one with the rubber boots were telling! :-)

sherri lynn said... {Reply}

I love that picture of the rainboots all lined up! And that gazpacho looks delicious!!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Beautiful photos. I love the first two. So gorgeous.