Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scav Hunt Sunday: Candles and Calm

Went to scout some locations at a local park for my first photo session today (!). I was taken by the beauty, even though this season leaves the trees barren, it was so pretty there.

We had dreary cold weather this week. At least I can be artsy with rain drops, though, right?

This is actually from teaching last year, we make silhouettes of the kids during our shadow unit. Miss those kiddos this year!

The pond at the park was just so calm. Minutes later it began to rain, made me happy to have captured the pre-rain calm.

Chanukah candles at the ready!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

22 thoughts on the matter:

tinajo said... {Reply}

Beautiful pics, the first one makes me want to be there! :-)

Nicki said... {Reply}

Nicely done - especially like all your reflective shots. Happy Chanukah!

Deanna said... {Reply}

Beautiful shots this the "calm" reflective shot. And what colorful Chanukah candles. Happy Holidays.

Adrienne said... {Reply}

These are lovely ~ you've captured this week so well! There is prettiness in this season changing period. What park were you in?

Savannah McQueen said... {Reply}

These are lovely.

Kara said... {Reply}

oh what great pictures. I love the candles! they are so bright and fun looking

Seraphina´s Phantasie said... {Reply}

Beautiful photos to the different themes. I like your candles most. Have a nice Sunday, Tamar.

Susan said... {Reply}

My fave is the weather shot-wish I took that one. Clever and well done. The candles are very festive. I'm not much into holidays, but that means I'm missing out on the colorful aspects. Awesome reflections too. Have a great day Tamar....and your barefeet made me happy again.

Nukke said... {Reply}

Your season and weather are like ours some weeks ago !!! Beautiful places in your photos !

Patrice said... {Reply}

Great shots, Tamar - love your reflections!

Leovi said... {Reply}

Nice pictures, exquisite compositions, I like. Excellent reflections and lights. Greetings.

JessRaquel said... {Reply}

I really like your Seasons and Colorful pics!

JessRaquel said... {Reply}

I really like your Seasons and Colorful pics!

Emily S said... {Reply}

Have fun with your session! I love your calm shot!

Linda R said... {Reply}

I always love looking at your photos. So many great shots this week. I just love your Season shot. That looks like such a gorgeous park.

Danelle M said... {Reply}

Such an awesome set this week! Hard to choose a favorite, but I am really loving weather.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

These are great!

Debbie said... {Reply}

these are all so beautiful!! it's always there, sometimes we just have to look a little harder!!

Lisa said... {Reply}

these are just fabulous!!! Great Job!!!

Dina Lettre said... {Reply}

LOVE your take on weather, Tamar...and I hope the shoot went beautifully!

Christine E-E said... {Reply}

COLORFUL is my fave... hey, will you be able to visit with your little nephew (West Coast??) on your Winter Break? Perhaps you can post some photos of your Chanukah traditions?

dsblanchard said... {Reply}

It's always fun to drop by to see what you've come up with. I love colorful. Happy Hanukkah!