Monday, February 18, 2013

P52: 7th week around the sun

I sound like a broken record, but this week started with digging out from Nemo and ended with (seriously, kid you not) 5 more inches of snow. Hello, normal Boston winter, where were you last year?

This week was a blur of busyness! Lots of time working on familiarizing the kids with using our chromebooks and dealing with the excitement of the school vacation week approaching! We teachers were just as focused on Friday as the kids were!

I also had a fun twitter week, another tweet was read on "Way too Early" and I made some super cheesy weather jokes with one of our weather guys. Also, a picture I sent into the weather team during the storm was featured on one of the other meteorologist's official fb page! (I'm a weather nerd, can you tell?)

Highlight of the week: (kind of shallow) I haven't treated myself to new clothes in months and hit up the Gap on Friday. I fell in love with an adorable little dress and feel super chic in it!

Favorite teaching moment: I'm on the tech team at work and while our head of school has been in Israel, I have been a go-to person for tech things. Which means I've had the opportunity to skype with them while they're in Israel (so our heads of school could be "at" some events). I got to "see" the Western Wall and the Judean Desert this week, technology is amazing!

Random-osity: a simple blog comment led to an exchange of emails that resulted in figuring out we shared mutual friends! Small, small, world!
Your turn and all the details:
- Post 1 photo or an many as you like each week on Monday.
- The button or text link should be present in your post - but not absolutely necessary. 
- Please visit some other blogs & leave some love & encouragement. 
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Can't wait to see all your photos each week as we venture through 2012!

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17 thoughts on the matter:

Nancy Claeys said... {Reply}

Your 15 minutes of fame. :)

Susan said... {Reply}

Glad to see someone else was thinking about snow as much as I was. I think it's cool that you got on the FB page. I guess it helps to be a weather nerd. You are also primed for any small talk conversation.
BTW I linked up, but thus far it's not seeming to show. Maybe it's on a 2 hr delay. : ) I'll check back.

Susan said... {Reply}

Oh yes it did. Never mind. Must be a brain foggy Monday.

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

I'm always amazed at the responses to your tweets! And excitement over a new dress is not shallow. It is one of life's little pleasures! It is really cute!

Pride In Photos said... {Reply}

I can't get over the weather you are having up there...good grief. When is it going to stop girlfriend?

Renae at simple sequins said... {Reply}

I am so over winter! We have better temps now but more snow is forecast all week and we still have ten inches on the lawn!

Here is hoping for a better week for you.

Kathy said... {Reply}

So cool that I know a celebrity :)

Leovi said... {Reply}

Yes, I really liked your beautiful dress to moles. A greeting.

Nicky @ Awesomeville said... {Reply}
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Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

I have always wanted to go to Israel, I guess skyping is the next best thing? And your dress, well you look too cute!!

Nicky @ Awesomeville said... {Reply}

Very cool! (Pun not intended hehe!)

tinajo said... {Reply}

So fun with the mutual friends - strange things happen in this world sometimes which is why it´s so exciting! :-)

Tamar SB said... {Reply}

@Pride In Photos

Believe it or not it's actually normal! We've gotten more snow than usual for this time of the year, but I liv ein Boston, what do you expect! Today it was sunny, but a balmy 10 degrees. More snow possible this weekend!

Dara said... {Reply}

I'm your randomosity moment of the week?? yay!
my brother is a meteorologist. :) he works for the weather channel!

Melissa Bliss Rich said... {Reply}

What fun to be featured, and I love that dress!!
Stay warm :)

packmom said... {Reply}

It is a small world! That is very cool. I have a Chromebook and love it. Got mine for Christmas. It's perfect for what I need. So great that your whole class gets one each to use.

Kimberly said... {Reply}

How cool to have your photo featured! Sounds like you had a pretty great week! I'm still jealous of your snow though. We have had lots of cold but not much snow to speak of. Although I hear there may be some coming our way this weekend (I hope!).