Sunday, December 15, 2013

Song-ography: 'tis the season

But the prettiest sight to see...
Is the holy that will be, on your own front door. 

I love this time of year. Yes, I am Jewish and don't celebrate Christmas. But, the cheer in the air, the warmth, the beauty, the carols...oh I love it.

I love the lights, the decorations, the spirit. Now, add snow to the mix and I am smiling from ear to ear.

15 thoughts on the matter:

Patti G said... {Reply}

It's hard NOT to get caught up in the spirit of it all, isn't it?
But your faith traditions are just as amazing & beautiful too. I love following your posts.
You've got snow now too, right???

Karen said... {Reply}

There is nothing more welcoming than a beautiful red door with a wreath! Enjoy the Season :)

Nicki said... {Reply}

That is the beauty of the holiday - the joy and merriment that goes beyond any denomination and relates to mankind. Perfect holiday picture.

Adrienne said... {Reply}

LOVE the red door! And the snow! So pretty to wake up to!

Susan said... {Reply}

I agree with what Patti G said. I love hearing about your traditions. Your snow shot makes snow look inviting-well, as inviting as possible. Lovely contrast of colors.

Debbie said... {Reply}

this is sooooo the best time of year to have a red door!!

in my older age i am lovin' red!!

Sharon said... {Reply}

I love the RED door! I went to a play last night at a theater called The Red Door :). The holly makes it super festive. Enjoy the holidays!

Kathy McB said... {Reply}

Love the simpicity of the wreath on the door. But I REALLY like the added bonus of the snow on the railing :). Makes for a lovely composition. I've been trying to find holiday songs that do not rule out anyone...I sooooo want to use a "snow" song of some sort because I HAVE snow. But...not everyone does. The same with the Christmas songs, I do not want to get overly religious with the song choices. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography.

Ida said... {Reply}

Oh that red door with the softly falling snow is so pretty. It is a wonderful season and like others I also enjoy reading about your faith and traditions.

tinajo said... {Reply}

It IS a special season indeed, love it! :-)

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

Such a fun season. I would just about fall over to have a December snow. I have been envying you from a far!

Carletta said... {Reply}

Love this shot!
If everyone could find the cheer.....

Linda R said... {Reply}

A happy time of year indeed.. Love your photo.

Hugs~ said... {Reply}

Your door with the wreath looks warm and inviting…and the reflection of the lantern in the window ! Wonderful!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I don't celebrate Christmas either, but no matter what faith you are, I agree there's something magical about this time of year. Beautiful photo.