Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kehillah Milestone

On Friday, our kehillah (3rd and 4th grade) had their Milestone. At KSA Milestones are the big events for each grade/kehillah. Third grade's focus is receiving their first book of Torah, or Chumash, since it's in 3rd grade at our school the kids formally begin their Torah study. The 4th graders learned about midrashim, or stories and commentaries that are written to answer questions in the text. 
My kids decorated their chumash covers. They took such pride in them and I know it means they will cherish them always.
The whole kehillah led the parents and guests in our morning t'fillot (prayers). They did such a great job and it got the morning off to a beautiful start.
After that, I presented my class with their chumashim. They were clearly so proud and that made me so proud - lots of kvelling going around, that is for sure!
My class then did a play about the parsha we studied so far this year, Lech Lecha. It turned out cute and the parents loved it. After that the 4th graders led study sessions for their part of the event and we all enjoyed a lovely breakfast to celebrate the occasion.
Such a special morning. The kids did great and it was a true celebration of what they have learned!

11 thoughts on the matter:

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

What a special accomplishment for you all! I love how they decorated their covers.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said... {Reply}

They did wonderfully at decorating their book covers and I love the fact they are learning and sharing with their parents during this important time. xo

Anonymous said... {Reply}

How wonderful. I think milestones are so wonderful for kids. I do think they will cherish their bookcovers!

Nicki said... {Reply}

So rich in language, tradition, and celebration. The artwork alone is worth celebrating and you should be very proud of your students.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said... {Reply}

How neat & I love seeing you there in action.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

very very nice and mazel tov to everyone!

Anita Johnson said... {Reply}

I love these school pictures!

Sharon said... {Reply}

That is quite a bunch of eager learners! They look so enthused. I'm sure you enjoy all these young ones!

Clairejustine oxox said... {Reply}

Aww they did well with there covers :) great pictures ...

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

This is a big event! How great! Love their covers, and I know they will treasure these as well. Love you being all official there in the last image!

Party of 5 said... {Reply}

Precious!A great milestone I bet!