Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Reading Round-up

I heard this was to be made into a movie this year and after hearing the premise thought I'd read it first. It follows a family from India, who leaves for Europe after a tragic accident in their Mumbai restaurant. Eventually they find their way to the French alps where they open a new restaurant across from a well established French restaurant.  Tensions between the French chef and her new colorful neighbors lead to a culinary journey for Hassan, the main character. The descriptions of the food are amazing and it's a nice fictional look at the world of cuisine and restaurants. Some times the amazing descriptions went on a bit long, but overall it was a beautiful story and I am looking forward to the film in a few months. 

Another of my favorite series. This was one of my favorites of the recent ones too. This book finds the main character and private investigator, Kinsey, helping out two old friend from the police department with a Jane Doe cold case. The case takes them to another part of the state and they slowly piece together the evidence to solve the case. Of course, in true Kinsey fashion there are a slew of other things that arise - her distant family appears and she is confronted with accepting them, her pals from the PD have their own health issues while on the case, and of course in the midst of solving an old case new cases arise. For once, Kinsey isn't beaten to a pulp or put in danger, maybe that's why I liked it, I could mentally work on the case knowing she wasn't getting a hit put out on her! Again, I totally recommend this series!

3 thoughts on the matter:

Adrienne said... {Reply}

oh I LOVE mystery thriller books. And I love series! Looks like a win-win...guess I'm gonna start with A!

Carol Blackburn said... {Reply}

Tamar, I've seen the coming attractions for "The 100 Foot Journey" and it looks quite interesting. I hope to see it when it comes out. I'll be interested in knowing how you liked the book.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

I have The 100 Foot Journey on hold at the library. I saw the preview of the movie and it looks pretty good!