Thursday, November 19, 2015

Things my third graders say v. 10

kid: raise your hand if you're a poodle. nobody? ok

kid: you two are the weirdest teachers I've ever met!
ms. brooks: thanks, we'll take that as a compliment?

kid: first graders just keep getting smaller each year!

kid: where's venzoola?
me: Venezuela? 

ms brooks: what would the girl in the story do?
kid: i dunno, i'm a boy i can only think for myself!
kid: why did my mom pack me raisins when i'm going to the dentist!?

me: don't whine
kid: ugh i know i'm not 21....

me to another teacher: third graders can still be concrete
kid: i'm not attached to the ground!

kid 1: You don't have to get married to have children. You can go to this place where they give you genes to have a baby.
kid 2: I think that's only in Russia.
kid 1: I love chocolate. 
kid 2: he's is going to marry chocolate.
kid 1: I'll marry a chocolate girl. 
kid: pack up isn't really school it's just the weird end of the day time

kid 1: the grammar on my note (for the western wall) was wrong
me: hashem doesn't care about grammar
kid 2: especially since we haven't learned it yet

kid: ms. benjamin is like the paparazzi 

kid 1: it's impossible!
kid 2: don't say that because in that word is the word i'm possible!!
kid 1: how are you spelling it!?

kid: it's ass-ee-uh
me: no it's Asia...
kid 1: whose so noisy in the hall?
kid 2: 4th grade, isn't obvious!!
kid 3: danger! danger! 4th graders!!

kid: mcdonald trump is running for president

kid: a segway is the thing paul blart mall cop drives on

kid: it's the prime marina?
me: prime meridian...

kid: when is the scholastic order coming
me: i placed the order yesterday
kid: so tomorrow?
me: it's not amazon prime...
kid 1: why did the tarnigole (chicken) cross the road? 
me: ok let's stop with the hebrew jokes, this is general studies.
ms. brooks: not to mention none of those words are in our phonics unit...
me: yes, that too!

kid: why did the titanic sink?
me: the shup was speeding to NY to be impressive and it hit an iceberg
kid: so basically you're saying it was the captains fault?
me: yup

kid: what was the old lady's motivation for eating the frog
me: it's a story, it's fiction, enjoy it!
kid: i mean she could have died...she had to have been motivated to try eating a frog!

kid: I like the squeaky markers, that means they works super good!

me: those are cats...not numbers. we're adding numbers please

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13 thoughts on the matter:

Rebecca said... {Reply}

So much cuteness.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

These always make me smile! McDonald Trump!

Snap said... {Reply}

Thanks for my morning giggle ... McDonald Trump and it's not Amazon Prime!!!!!

Jill Foley said... {Reply}

love it!

jandi said... {Reply}

LOVE this! Especially Mcdonald Trump!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

I love these. It's not Amazon Prime is a great answer. So...why did the tarnagole cross the road? Is it a good joke??

Adrienne said... {Reply}

So fun. Every single time! Thanks for being the paparazzi so we can catch a glimpse of your/their world!

Rachael DeBruin said... {Reply} sweet!

I love listening to kids talk...they always astound me with their perspectives :)

Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

Ida said... {Reply}

Oh my your class is "hilarious" - Those were so funny. I'm glad I popped in to read them.

abrianna said... {Reply}

Oh my goodness...the Asia, paparazzi and I can only think like a boy are my favorites :).

Chere Mama said... {Reply}

That last picture is perfect!!! And I love the one of the boy across the chair. Gotta love those antsy boys. What a fun glimpse of your classroom.

Nicki said... {Reply}

Always get a chuckle out of these.

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

Love these so much! They have to be the wittiest kids for their age every year!