Tuesday, August 22, 2017

US Holocaust Museum

You've got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You've got to be taught
From year to year,
You've got to be carefully taught.
You've got to be taught before it's too late...

{You've Got to Be Carefully Taught - South Pacific}

I was last at the US Holocaust Museum 19 years ago when I was 10.

It was time to go back and in light of the recent riots and tone in the nation right now it was a hauntingly fitting time.

It was a somber experience. So much of this history I knew. I've read and learned in school and it's just part of my collective religion and culture.

It was powerful to really learn more about Hitler's slow, calculated rise to power. How so many believed nothing would come of it, denied it, did nothing.

The history and darkness of the murders that took place in the ghettos, the villages, the camps I knew. But, sometimes we need to revisit even the darkest of times in history; it helps us wake up...remember what happened...what we vow "never again."

Never again. Yet the hate and anger simmers here at home, in a country that in school I was taught "would never allow a Holocaust to happen."

Never again. The Holocaust Memorial in Boston has been vandilized twice this summer.

Never again. Hate filled individuals marched in VA shouting about Jews and surrounded a synagogue.

Never again comes from us all taking a collective stand against those with hate and evil in their hearts. Together we can remember the 11 million who were exterminated for who they were and protect their memories and protect those who some Americans choose to still hate because of religion, race, or skin color.

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11 thoughts on the matter:

Tom said... {Reply}

...if we don't understand history, we will continue to repeat it.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

This is very powerful. Thanks for sharing!

csuhpat1 said... {Reply}

We must never forget. That is such a powerful reminder of what we need to avoid. Thanks for sharing.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

Such a meaningful place and so important in light of everything going on today. The one quote about not standing up for the people they came for is especially important to remember.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said... {Reply}

Sadly we forget! Thank you for sharing! So powerful. What I have seen the last few years just doesn't seem like the America I grew up in! Makes me sad for my children.

NC Sue said... {Reply}

This museum is a sobering reminder to all of us.
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rebecca haegele said... {Reply}

Too many don't know or care and thus they go ranting and raving full of hate. So sad. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

You are right Never again! Have been to Dachau (Germany) with American friends. Never to forget:( As a European it's unbelievable to me that some think the holocaust is a made up thing. As a generic, me thinks it is easier to start hating things you don't know about, and how deep they run. Thank you for this post - it needs to be said!!

Lydia C. Lee said... {Reply}

I think that poem (or the words) by Niemoller are important now more than ever - I'd like to say it's just the US that is falling apart but we are showing similar disgusting behaviours here, and I can't understand how suddenly we hate everyone so much, just for their look, skin, religion, sexuality and a myriad of other reasons. It's a storm looming and those words hold a lesson for us all.

Kelly Kardos said... {Reply}

Holocaust museums are so hard for me....but I do it.

Linda said... {Reply}

I had a chance to go there once but I couldn't bear to experience it. I've read about the holocaust and seen History channel shows but it's just so horrifying. Leon Uris's Exodus made a big impression on me. The things that are happening now are awful... I hope that showing us these ugly people, we can find ways to deal with this.