Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life Passing By

Sometimes life just passes us by. We try to keep up, but life hits the gas and speeds up, while we pedal ahead at our own pace.

And sometimes it's really nice to take a seat for a moment and watch life pass by around you.

Sitting out for even a moment can allow for a different view of life. You can notice the finer details, like early hints of red, that you might miss while going miles a minute.
Signs of changes can be observed, like signs the seasons have changed; no more shorts and caps but jackets and hats.
There is a simple peace in the art of people watching; watching a snapshot of someone's life as their path crosses with yours for that split second.
And in some cases you can notice the plain and simple joy some have for approaching life; a running start and a giant leap to clear any obstacles in their path.
If we could all just take a simple running start and leap through life with youthful innocence; back into the fast lane that we all know, and hopefully love, as life.

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Micki said... {Reply}

Awe, love the people watching ones!