Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Smallest Patient

Who knew the smallest items can cause so much trouble and get into so much trouble!! Wondering what I am talking about? This little device:
Since September the middle of September this little sound generator which weighs ounces has been traveling around in search of "medical" care. It first went to Philadelphia, well Bala Cynwd to be exact, then it was shipped to New Orleans (I have never been there!), then back to me. It's first (yes, first) trip to New Orleans didn't do the trick as it broke again hours into being back....

So..... back to Bala Cynwd, then back to New Orleans, then back to me..... it wasn't fully fixed yet!

So Tuesday I sent it back to the Big Easy - really - my sound generator has been places I haven't!!! As of this afternoon it was in "open device surgery." They are going to try replacing everything in hopes of fixing it - if not my left ear is jinxed!

Hopefully by this weekend it will be back in DC and can rest up where it belongs, in my ear, not traveling around the US!!!

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