Friday, October 9, 2009

"No, your first name."

Raise your hand if you do not like those automated telephone customer support systems.

You could see my hand from the moon. Really.

You know how it is:

Voice on the phone: "Please say the reason for your call."

Me: "Billing."

Voice: "Did you say billing?"

Me: "Yes."

Voice: "Please tell me more information about your call."

Me: "Billing...question."

Voice: Please verify the first name on your account."

Me: "Tamar"

Voice: "Please provide only your first name."

Me: "T..a..m..a..r.."

Voice: "We need to verify your first name."


Voice: "No, your first name."

Me: "UGH! Representative..... please."

Voice: "Thank you for calling."


The good news is I was laughing so hard that I was barely mad, but really? I called back, immediately requesting a human. I got one! Then it went like this....

Human: "May I please verify your first name?"

Me: "Tamar"

Human: "No, your first name."

I laughed, told the human that WAS my FIRST name - he finally got it and resolved my billing issue, so I cannot be too mad, right? What a way to begin a Friday!

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