Thursday, October 29, 2009

My 2.5 seconds of fame!

Last Thursday the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, gave a speech about the quality of the education teachers in this country are receiving. There is much debate among educators about the details of his opinions and what exactly this could mean for how teachers are educated - but that is not what this post is about!

So anyway, CNN was going to be doing a feature on Duncan's speech and they filmed some education classes at AU and interviewed the School of Education Teaching and Health's Dean about the issues being discussed etc etc.

*I am getting somewhere, I promise!

The two classes they filmed in, I am in!!! The first class was the site of amazing footage.... we were taking our midterm (yay for this looking like a scene supporting testing!) then my next class they filmed a discussion and we students listening and taking notes.

I am in the footage, but didn't see it until last night - I missed the first 5 airings on CNN - the first by 15 minutes!


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Jonah Rank said... {Reply}

THAT'S SO AWESOME! It's kinda quick, but it looks like you get a close-up really briefly?