Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Feeling in the Air

I love the holiday time! And since it's November 1st and I saw this Christmas tree being put up this past week and Chanukah decorations being sold in the store - I am pretty sure it is the holiday time!
I get really happy around this time of the year. I love when it gets dark early (I know I am the only person in the world), I love the chill in the air and wearing sweaters and scarves, and I get really excited when Starbucks brings out its holiday cup. Mind you, I do not like their coffee all that much, I like the pretty red cup - kudos to their marketing people for that one!

I also love holiday lights (tasteful ones, that is) and the feeling in the air. You know what I mean, everyone is happier. Clerks wish you a happy holidays, there is a feeling of joy and hope in the air. People spend time with family and slow down the business of their lives a little bit. It is just a great time of the year, in my opinion.

I think I really like this time of year, aside from my reasons above, because of my tendencies to be an empath. I really can feel other peoples emotions, rather happy, sad, or ho-hum. This time of year when people tend to be cheerier I feed off these vibes and I am super happy. Besides being happy that the Halloween season is over, I was thrilled it was November 1st because I know people will be happier as we move closer to Thanksgiving and the December festivities.

Only 26 days until Thanksgiving! Get excited!!

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