Friday, November 6, 2009

Full Circle

I had a "coming full circle" moment today. Okay, well I have been having lots of "oh look how far I've come" moments but todays was different.

I was asked to sit on a student panel with 4 other students today and answer questions to a group of NJ high schoolers who were on a DC college tour with their synagogue. We talked about AU Jewish life, AU life, preparing to apply life, and answers their questions.

Then I realized why I was seeing so many tours on campus today and yesterday, and why Hillel was talking to two NJ groups - the NJEA convention. This is an annual teachers convention for NJ teachers. NJ students look forward to a 4 day weekend, teachers look forward to the convention, and for high schoolers its the perfect time to look at colleges.

Standing in the middle of the quad this afternoon, realizing that the NJEA convention is going on right now made me realize that 4 years ago mom and I were standing somewhere on the quad, in an AU tour, with tons of other NJ high schoolers.

More importantly is that four years ago standing on the Quad on the chilly grey November day I fell in love with AU. I decided that AU is where I had to go for college. And today I was able to share with a room for of high schoolers my love of AU and the excitement and sadness I have of leaving after graduation. And then....

Wheelock called to let me know that the last reference needed for my application had arrived. Between the excitement and anxiousness that phone call brought I had a realization - here I am exactly 4 years later, once again in love with another college. I'm getting ready to take the next step in my life.

Somehow, in 4 years I have come full circle, putting one foot in front of the other!

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