Sunday, December 27, 2009

Falling off mountains!

Hello, my name is Tamar. I am in love with snowboarding!
I also have a serious love for my snowboard. Isn't it pretty?
I have also fallen in love with Jiminy Peak! It is an amazing resort, top notch slopes, and....
Lots of SNOW!!!
It was also freakishly cold there. The water was freezing right out of the reservoir drains.
But those folks at Jiminy are smart cookies. They installed an outdoor fire ring. It was amazing to be able to stand there and defrost after several runs. It also looks amazing with the slopes in the background, don't ya think?
It snowed the first day we were there, around 4 inches of fresh powder, amazing, really! What a way to be back on the slopes after taking a break last year!
An added benefit to going while many kids where still in school was that the slopes were EMPTY! See? Amazing, there is nothing like the sound of your board on fresh snow and the only other sound is silence, no wonder I do my best thinking up there.
Jiminy also get major eco-friendly points! I came around the bend on one my first runs and voila, this beauty turning in the strong winds. It generates 35% of their energy needs and was an amazing site to be so close to.
Mom even braved the cold to come out and snap some shots as I came off a run. It was an amazing trip and I can guarantee I will be back at Jiminy again, falling off mountains!

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