Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How much snow?

On the local news this morning they tried to give everyone some perspective on just how much snow has fallen so far this winter (I say so far because it is snowing again outside right now).

So.... between Washington D.C. and Boston between the first day of winter and now a whopping 30 billion cubic meters of snow has fallen.

That lovely 30 billion cubic meters is enough snow to:
- fill 12 million olympic sized swimming pools
- raise the surface level of Lake Superior by 14 inches
- and fill 30,000 Empire States Buildings

Um wow. One for the record books for sure!

It does leave many wondering if Global Warming just means warming......

1 thoughts on the matter:

Mel said... {Reply}

I heard a report yesterday that all the "Al Gore's" out there are blaming these storms on global warming :) Go figure.