Monday, January 17, 2011

I Heart Winter Wonderlands

This week over at I Heart Faces it's all about winter wonderlands.  Now up here in Boston there is well over two feet of snow on the ground, but recently I had the chance to experience a winter wonderland in a place that is not often associated winter.

I spent a week in Las Vegas visiting family friends and on one of my last days there we woke up to snow.  I was shocked, I never expected to see snow falling in Las Vegas.  There is something insanely beautiful about palm trees covered in white fluffy snow flakes.

It was a school day and my friends kids were mesmerized (and a bit bummed that school wasn't out for the snow!).  Before climbing in the car the kids had some fun outside in the snow.  They were hilarious and trying to "eat snow for breakfast."

Within an hour or so the snow had stopped falling and shortly there after it all melted, but it was a magical winter wonderland while it lasted, that is for sure!

Now I just wish I had managed to get a palm tree in the pic! But you can see the other snowy desert pictures if you click here.

9 thoughts on the matter:

My Photographic Eye by Irela said... {Reply}

That just looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!

Mominin said... {Reply}

What a great shot! Love it!

Erin Nicole said... {Reply}

Ah, catching snowflakes... always such a good time! :)

Siany said... {Reply}

haha there expressions are priceless! thank you for your comment on my blog x

Amy said... {Reply}

Great Photo!
You picked a great day to visit the desert.
I love the way you captured the flakes. They look huge!

Monica said... {Reply}

Great composition and best expressions ever! This is such a wonderful photo for so many reasons.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

The Diaz Wendland Family said... {Reply}

What a fun day for them. You really captured them enjoying it!

shirley said... {Reply}

Wow, I would never expect to see snow in Vegas. Cool shot.

Amandalynn said... {Reply}

Nothing is a clearer picture of childhood joy. Love it.