Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camp days

Camp is off to a roaring success.  My group of guys is fantastic and the summer will be awesome.  They are really adorable little guys and have kept us laughing day in and day out (and there have only been 2 days so far)!

We've enjoyed lots of time in the pool, music, playground fun, nature, delicious lunches, and sports. The rest of the week has a jammed packed schedule too - and the last two nights I have been vegged out on the couch by 8:30 and sound asleep a little after 10!

They also say the cutest things!

I asked M.B to swim to me yesterday and he replied: "I'd be delighted to!"

My back was a bit red (an inability to tan - I blame genetics) and J.G asked me: "Tamar, why is your back red like a tomato?"

A.M was telling me all about the Titanic and how it sank and they didn't have enough lifeboats and how icebergs need to be avoided - so adorable coming from an almost 5 year old!

There is a set of twins in my group, they aren't identical but look similar, especially when wearing identical bathing suits - M.B was sitting between them during lunch and he was clearing confused and probably thought he was seeing double.  He'd look at M.H then over at W.H and then back to M.H and was clearly confused but couldn't figure out why!

So far so good - 2011 summer at Beth El Day Camp is going great and I can't wait for the next 33 days!

And for now - time to crash: come 8:40 tomorrow am there will be 12 5X spidermen ready for a fun day at camp!

6 thoughts on the matter:

deb duty said... {Reply}

That sounds like so much fun! I love his reply - he was delighted to!! My older son had an obsession with the Titanic that lasted from about 5 to 10 so we know all about it around here. I hadn't thought about that in a few years!

Rachel said... {Reply}

How fun to spend the day with kiddos! :) I don't tan easily either, grr!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Aww, I could almost picture you with the kiddos! Little ones at that age are still pretty adorable --especially the funny things they say. :)

sherri lynn said... {Reply}

My favorite stories are those that have kids saying cute little things! This sounds like such a fun summer for you!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Sounds like a great time - enjoy as much as you can (and who can not enjoy a bunch of Spidey´s, haha)! :-)

Sian said... {Reply}

I miss camp so much!