Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Weekend

This was a pure and simple (although not too simple) summer weekend.

We made it a long weekend and kicked off Friday with a jaunt into the city to see an exhibit at HUC called a "Stitch in Time" - it was really interesting and there were some thought provoking pieces.  We then wandered around the city some doing some window shopping.  We had really hoped to find Thiru the Dosa Man but he wasn't at his usual spot that day so instead we walked up Lexington Ave to Curry in a Hurry and had some knock out doasa's there, so win-win.

Saturday am we were sloths and hung out at home since we opted to forgo synagogue this week.  We did a bunch of gardening which was really nice, just like the "old days" - mom and I - out there weeding and preparing the garden for new plants.  After two hours of weeding (best aerobic exercise) I hit up our pool for some laps and relaxation.  We stayed in Saturday night too and watched some movies and relaxed.

Today we were up and at them.  I was going to bike the Bronx River Parkway.  I was actually a bit nervous.  Last year when I did bicycle Sunday I ended up with several stitches in my elbow. But I was determined to get back on the Parkway. So I set out for that - and was quite successful - I had a great ride and made amazing time and didn't earn a trip to Urgent Care! Although did Avi point out:
Anyway, we then turned our attentions to the garden, we headed to Home Depot and bought a ton of plants to add to our little corner of the world and of course, no Sunday is complete with out a trip to Costco!

A friend came over for dinner tonight and I am now getting myself ready for the first day of camp tomorrow.  My clipboard is all set, my bag is packed, my sneakers ready, and the sun tan lotion primed. Hopefully it will be an amazing summer once again, and for now - time for sleep, because come 8:40 tomorrow am I will have 12 five year old boys raring and ready for camp!

2 thoughts on the matter:

deb duty said... {Reply}

Glad your bike trip went well! It sounds fun! And I hope you have a great first day of camp. Sounds like you'll be busy!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Hope you´ll have a great time - and I´m glad the postcard arrived so fast! :-)