Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flourless Pumpkin Brownies

A few weeks ago I shared two pumpkin recipes. Well, it's pumpkin season and I am living it up. I had friends over for shabbat dinner and decided to experiment. 

I had seen a recipe for flourless pumpkin brownies and decided to try them out, with a few adaptation, of course! 

Whoa. Easy. Healthy. Amazing. They are soft and you really think there should be flour in them, but nope!

I even whipped up a vegan chocolate glaze to go with them! Rave reviews folks - from people who can eat actual brownies! 

17 thoughts on the matter:

Nancy said... {Reply}

I bet the chocolate glaze tastes amazing with the pumpkin -- thanks for the recipe!

Simon said... {Reply}

Umm...yum. Pumpkin is a fave of mine. I'll pass this along to my sister in law. She's got kids with a whole bunch of food issues. I think this is something they could use.
Happy day my friend. I'm still shoulder deep in my class-learning web-development. Hope to be back more frequently when the course is over. Glad I caught you today.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

They sound great and I love to use coconut oil any way that I can!

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

Yum! A great way to incorporate a little more pumpkin this season.

Unknown said... {Reply}

Wow Tamar! These look amazing!

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

Mmm- my kids will love these Tamar!!

tiarastantrums said... {Reply}

those look delicious - I just made a pumpkin cake the other day - flourless - so yummy!

Adrienne said... {Reply}

They do look yummy - I've been soooo lazy about cooking/baking lately. Maybe the thanksgiving season will spur me on...

(◔‿◔) said... {Reply}

Omnomnom! Thats looks yummi. Thank you for the delicious recipe.
Happy Evening, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | my photoblog

The Artful Diva said... {Reply}

This looks like a delicious recipe. I have never heard of such a thing. I will definitely give it a try!

renae said... {Reply}

Oh Tamar, you sweetheart! Thank you for your prayers and concerns for Baby Z. He can go home tomorrow if his lungs are clear. If not, 48 more hours in nicu. Yes, he is gorgeous, huh?

Now these brownies - OHMYGOSH!!!! YES, I will be making these for dang sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'll just leave out the chips and make a blonde frosting - I can't do chocolate either) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

These look so yummy and easy!!!

4 Lettre Words said... {Reply}

Such a great idea...and they look delish!

Serendipityissweet said... {Reply}

Wow, they certainly look amazing!

Hope you have a great weekend :)

aspiritofsimplicity said... {Reply}

these sound pretty good and there is no wacky crazy expensive flours in there either. I think I may try this.

Anita Johnson said... {Reply}

OK, I am going to try these for all my gluten free friends!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Looks delish, yum!