Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sesame Kale Salad

It's no secret that I like kale. I hadn't made a kale salad in a while and was craving some, so I decided to make my own kale salad last weekend. 
I grabbed a bag of my favorite pre-washed kale at Trader Joe's and got creative.
I decided to base this, roughly, on a kale salad I got at Whole Foods once: kale, sesame seeds, carrots, and raisins.
I decided to keep with the sesame theme and made a dressing of tahini, sesame oil, lemon juice, and then massaged it onto the kale. It sat in the fridge for a few hours and then enjoyed munching on it all weekend.
Little by Little

15 thoughts on the matter:

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Wow! That sounds so good, and nutritious too!

Pride In Photos Beauty said... {Reply}

Have you ever had the soup at Olive Garden that has tons of kale in it? SOOOO yummy.

Brea said... {Reply}

I LOVE a good kale salad. This one looks fabulous!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

Yummy! This looks so fresh and tasty!

Party of 5 said... {Reply}

I love Kale with sesame and cranberries. Yummy! I will share this soon- maybe at supper club.

Carol Blackburn said... {Reply}

Ohhh, sounds yummy. I like to snack on cole slaw.

renae said... {Reply}

Yum Tamar, looks really good. Can't eat Kale unless it is cooked. It is just a bit too strong for me. Which is odd because I have a keen palate but kale, hmmmmmmm. I'll do spinach. Thanks for the every great recipes you have here (yours are the only recipes I pay attention to, well your and two birds). Thanks for the compliment. Bald it is!!! Seriously; a summer without hair sound really divine to me. (but will wear sunscreen, of course). ♥, Renae

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

It's gorgeous!!!! Pinned!

Kim said... {Reply}

I'm going to be pinning this! It's a wonderful summer meal that will keep me fueled this summer season!

Tamar SB said... {Reply}

@Pride In Photos would you believe there are NO Olive Gardens in my area. I've actually never even eaten at one!

Dotti said... {Reply}

Well, my goodness ... this does look and sound good!

tiarastantrums said... {Reply}

YUM YUM - I LOVE kale!!!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said... {Reply}

That looks yummy! I love kale too, but haven't had it as a salad before. Pioneer Woman just posted a recipe for kale citrus salad on her site--makes me want to give it a try!

Nicki said... {Reply}

good gosh this looks good and healthy - oh, how I wished we had a Trader Joe's. My son has been wanting a sesame chicken salad - it might have to include some kale. Thanks!

Ida said... {Reply}

Looks yummy however I'm guessing those are actually Sunflower seeds instead of Sesame Seeds.