Sunday, January 11, 2015

Scav Hunt Sunday: Apples and Oats

I ran into Gap on Friday, scored a new skirt for work off the clearance rack plus an additional 60% off - it was 8 dollars. Score!

Nothing like fresh veggies in the middle of the winter.

Got to love oats for breakfast.

Simple scene of snow on the kindergarden playground.

A nice round-ish apple.

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11 thoughts on the matter:

tinajo said... {Reply}

There´s nothing like a good sale..! :-)

aspiritofsimplicity said... {Reply}

mmm oats for favorite. your cupboard looks like mine. All sorts of yummy grains tucked into jars.

Nicki said... {Reply}

What a deal on the skirt and well spotted on each of the other prompts. I ventured back into Ashley's scavenger hunt this week for the first time in nearly a year.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

That is a score and I love the photo of the playground. :)

21 Wits said... {Reply}

That park looks just like ours! Great collection!

abrianna said... {Reply}

Glad you found a good deal on your skirt. Your oats look pretty in their jars.

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

Great interpretations!! I think you really scored at the GAP- I never find deals that awesome!

Mary said... {Reply}

Nice score at the Gap! Enjoyed your interpretations. Now I am craving oatmeal.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

These are wonderful for the hunt. Great score on the skirt! That apple looks delicious.

Suburban Girl said... {Reply}

Love a great Gap find!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

After I read the first line to your "Fun" part, I couldn't get the line "Back to life, back to reality, back to life..." out of my head. I had to search up the video on YouTube!