Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Song-osity: Upside Down

Upside down...
bouncing off the ceiling
Inside out...

{A*Teens - Upside Down} 

When I was a student we all sat at our desks, from grade one through high school, from 8 to 3:30.

I was the child who despised this. I needed to move. I loved sitting on the floor, or on my stomach. Sitting at a desk was at times painful!

In education today, the trend is to let children work standing up or sitting on the floor. I am a huge believer that this is important! Kid's bodies are not designed to sit in a plastic chair all day. They need to wiggle and move and be comfy so they can focus.

My rule: sit where you want/how you want as long as you are working and not distracting others. You'll find kids sitting on the floor, standing, laying on their stomachs, and more in my class. I taught a lesson last week while a kiddo stood behind the class hopping up and down. He focused and I didn't waste my breathe saying "stop jumping" a bazillion times.

Who am I to say that a child's way of working is wrong? I've yet to see someone work upside down, but I'm sure I will one day!

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15 thoughts on the matter:

Rebecca said... {Reply}


Tom said... {Reply}

Comfy? Perhaps if you are a kid!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

This is so AWESOME! I love your attitude about this..such a wonderful teacher. I see the little girl is even doing a great yoga pose (legs up against the wall) so she's getting even more benefit from it!!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

Zachary needs to stand up while he's working. I love that the teacher is fine with that!

Patti G said... {Reply}

...and this is why you are an awesome teacher! Because of the nature of my classroom, students are able to roam freely as well and it helps keep a sense of calm.

Clairejustine oxox said... {Reply}

Great picture :)

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

So funny!!!! I'm always finding the kids in the most uncomfortable positions. They are so limber.

Kathy McB said... {Reply}

Haha...this is great! Oh to be young and flexible :). Thanks for joining in at Song-ography

Sharon said... {Reply}

I agree! Another reason you are such a wonderful teacher! My son could not sit still. I was thankful he had teachers who understood this and let kids move around. The classrooms sometimes looked chaotic, but it was all "learning" chaos. He's grown up and still can't sit without moving around!

likeschocolate said... {Reply}

Bless you! I am sure your students really appreciate this! Not all teachers are this way. My son had a 3rd grade teacher who understoon his need to move. She allowed him to stand at his desk and he was able to focus much easier. It made the world of difference!


OrangeHeroMama said... {Reply}

lol. my tween loves to stand/sit/lay in silly positions too!


Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said... {Reply}

I think that is fantastic. I wish I would have tried that when I taught first grade. It's a good idea. Have you ever watched adults at a movie theater or pageant. They wiggle and stretch and lean over and stretch...and cannot seem to be quiet. It seems to me we are a fidgety bunch of folks and it's probably from the twelve plus years we were made to sit absolutely still in our seats during school. LOL!

abrianna said... {Reply}

Great photos. That is one of the reasons we homeschool-so kids can move. We have kids sitting on a couch part of the time, on the floor for worksheets, play musical chairs while going over the skip counting, etc...

I am glad you school allows you to let the kids move as not all schools do.

Linda said... {Reply}

Wow, look at them! Awesome!

Molly said... {Reply}

Brilliant, the world needs more teachers like you