Monday, April 4, 2016

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 14

The Good:
On our field trip last week, we stopped by the farm before heading back. They had so many adorable baby sheep. This little one was 3 weeks old!
The Random:
I tend to hit 10k steps and my other goals on a daily basis, but I crushed them on our field trip! (I didn't climb that many steps, but we went up a lot of hills!)
The Fun:
My BAA 5K bib arrived this week. It's getting close! Love how it has my name on it. Little under 2 weeks to go!


24 thoughts on the matter:

Ohmydearests said... {Reply}

We used to bottle feed some lambs on my Grandad's farm! They are so cute! Have a great week!

Suza said... {Reply}

I love the pictures with the little sheeps. So cute.
Thank you very much for the link-party.
best regards

4 Lettre Words said... {Reply}

Guess March really did go out like a lamb! ;)

Bekah said... {Reply}

I think anytime someone goes to the effort to run any race, their names SHOULD be on their bibs! Exciting! :)

Suburban Girl said... {Reply}

Oh my goodness, that lamb is adorable.

Carol Blackburn said... {Reply}

Oh such lucky kids.........the wooly ones and human ones too.

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

How exciting- I can't wait to hear more about the marathon!!!!!

Adrienne said... {Reply} lamb is super cute! And so excited for you for the race! My goal this summer is to get comfortable running 5K....once my legs stop aching from all this moving, that is ;-)

Linda Kay said... {Reply}

Those babies are so beautiful! I'm thinking of getting my husband a fit bit, maybe it will encourage him to get more exercise.

Jill Foley said... {Reply}

woo hoo on the upcoming run!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

I love the lambs!!

Kmcblackburn said... {Reply}

Now I want a baby sheep for a pet :)

Mitzi said... {Reply}

Oh my goodness...those are definitely adorable sheep!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said... {Reply}

WOW! The most steps I've hit on my FitBit was 14,000. I can't imagine 9 hilly miles with your students--well done! Love the baby kids, and good luck on your marathon--it sounds like you are ready for it!

LA Nickers said... {Reply}

Nice job with the FitBit steps. I've hit my best numbers in the warmer months. Lately, um ... well ... ;-)

Thanks for the prompt. I used it for this post on my poetry/humor blog:
Character captures: A-Z verses from vintage visages

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Yay, Tamar! Reach your goal, and have a splendid week!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

Those lambs are so FLUFFY! You did crush it that day. Wow! I just got a Fitbit yesterday and I'm figuring it all out but so far I love it. Yay for your bib. That is exciting!

abrianna said... {Reply}

Where we used to live there was a sheep and goat farm down the road. Such fun to see all the lambs and kids in the spring.

That was a lot of hill climbing.

Claudia W | ImagesByCW said... {Reply}

Whoa, more than 10K steps a day?! I wish. I am happy when I make it to 5K. Speaking of - you'll be running a 5K? Good for you. Maybe one day I will, too. Baby sheep are so cute, only surpassed by baby goat :)

Linda said... {Reply}

Congrats on your fitness work! I love the lambs!

packmom said... {Reply}

Those little sheep are so cute! It looked like an amazing filed trip and good on you for all the steps and hills. LOL! That's the best way to get good exercise. Enjoy your spring.

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

The lambs are sooo adorable! On days when I hike, I hit well over 10K steps, but when I run errands on those days, too, 20K is definitely doable... and then I treat myself to orange green tea from my favorite tea place! (Granted, I treat myself to orange green tea whether or not I hit 20K steps!)

Sharon said... {Reply}

Those baby goats are just too cute! And congats on all the steps! I've exceeded 20,000 only once, I think!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Adorable lambs. I would probably scare myself if I wore a fit bet between work and farming.