Monday, January 8, 2018

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 2

The Good:
I bought these prints in the late spring before I found out I was moving and finally got frames to hang them. Love the Boston art!

The Random:
Sooooo it's been a little arctic up here in Boston. We tied the longest streak below 20 degrees and have had windchills like -15 (hitting -30 this weekend!). But...that hasn't stopped me from running! Yes I am nuts but the feeling of crushing a run in these temps is amazing.

The Fun:
I got my photo book for my 2nd year in 52Frames. I love having a compilation of all my photography and seeing how I've grown!


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20 thoughts on the matter:

Claire Justine said... {Reply}

Lovely photos Tamar :) Great prints. Thanks for stopping by Creative Mondays and thanks for hosting too.

Bekah said... {Reply}

Major, major props to you for running in the cold!!! We're chickens: treadmilling it. :) And I love your book! (Well, I think you know my thoughts on photo books in's what I did all day yesterday!)

Tom said... {Reply}

...a 'Heat Wave' is coming!

Shelbee on the Edge said... {Reply}

I love that you got a photo book of all your photos! How cool is that! And you might be a little bit crazy running in those temperatures, but good for you! You are a rock star. Fun post as always, Tamar. Have a fabulous week and stay warm.


Shooting Stars Mag said... {Reply}

Ooh love the photo book. I keep thinking of making one from Instagram photos so I have physical copies. Good for you for running in the cold weather. I don't run, but I still couldn't! LOL


Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

I can't believe you are still running out there. SO excited to see that you put your work in a book like that. You can come so far in your photography journey & keeping it all preserved that way is a great idea

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

I really need to work on my photo books! I'm so behind. Love that Chug mug!

Klara S said... {Reply}

I don't remember when I experienced -15 or -30 last time :-( we have rain and +2; awful.
Thank you for hosting.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

So cool that you have a book of your 52 frames photos!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said... {Reply}

Good for you to keep running despite the cold! In Colorado we've been having opposite weather, it has been mild --50's and 60'sd and very little snow

Sunshine and Elephants said... {Reply}

Bravo to your dedication to running! Please stay warm, I don't think I could survive in that weather.

csuhpat1 said... {Reply}

Love the prints. That is a little too cold for me. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said... {Reply}

I'm impressed you braved the chill! Thanks for hosting! Have a "warm" week ahead. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Linda said... {Reply}

Your Boston pride is showing! Love the look of your book!

Handmade in Israel said... {Reply}

I feel cold just thinking about those temperatures! Brrr!

Shantana said... {Reply}

The photobook is awesome!!Loved all your photos and thanks for hosting. Wish you a wonderful 2018!!


Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

What a great idea making a photobook out of your Project 52!

packmom said... {Reply}

Brrr! You guys got hit hard. We have a close friend from here that goes to school (Emerson) there and he's not looking forward to heading back after break. The kid lives in short all year long but I have a feeling that will change this year. It's his first winter there. Looks like your photo book turned out great. Happy New Year!

betty-NZ said... {Reply}

I know that your weather doesn't seem as harsh to you as it would to those in warmer places, but I'm still impressed that you run in the cold! Your photo book sounds great but I doubt I could narrow down to just 12 pics!!!

Sharon said... {Reply}

I love that you made a photo book! Those are 2 lovely photos, too!