Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Another Year Done

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
So. What have you done {this year} to make you feel proud?

{Proud -- Heather Small}

Well. As of 2pm today my school year is done. 
The kids finished Friday. Teachers wrapped up today. 

What a year. 
I know I say this every year, but what a special, amazing, smart, curious, funny, hard working....I can go on...group of kids! 

166 days of learning, laughing, reading, writing, math, research and more. 

I tell the parents on back to school night "they enter as second graders and leave as academics."
Last Friday, at our end of year museum, a father said "you were right, it is amazing to see how much he's grown academically this year!"

I couldn't be more proud of these kids. What they learned. What we did together.
What a year. What a class.

Another super special year and group of kiddos I'll remember forever.
Here's to a great year...and now...bring on summer!


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