Thursday, May 25, 2023

Ariston Flowers and Cafe

This might be the most amazing coffee shop I've ever seen. Ariston, located a block off of Union Square, is both a flower shop and a cafe! Floral shop in the front and a posh cafe in the's like the mullets of coffee houses! 
The front space is filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with tons of unique plants. The back is a sweet little cafe complete with fancy pastries and drinks and floral arrangements filling the seating area. I didn't know if I wanted to buy an iced latte or succulent more! 

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9 thoughts on the matter:

kwarkito said... {Reply}

What an amazing place ! It must be nice to stay there. So many amzing things in New-York

Tom said... {Reply}

...I'll pass on the cafe, the flower shop is the bomb!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

Very cool! There's a nursery nearby that has a cafe, but I didn't love their coffee options when I went!

Ann said... {Reply}

Just beautiful!

Lea said... {Reply}


Cloudia said... {Reply}

What a restorative place! Thank you!

Joanne said... {Reply}

I don't even drink coffee and I'd love that shop!

mvmaithai said... {Reply}

What a lovely cafe! Wonder if that Baklava cheesecake is good?

Recep Hilmi TUFAN | said... {Reply}

Woow! What a good place to have a drink! :)